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Student Uniform & Grooming

MLA Cadets will wear their uniforms in accordance with the Marine Corps Uniform Regulations, MCO 102.34H.  Questions on these guidelines should be addressed to the Commandant, Sergeant Major, Military Instructors, or Dean of Military Model.  Proper wear of Marine Corps uniforms and participation and adherence to the Military Model are REQUIREMENTS.  Any requests for religious or cultural accommodations to these regulations must be approved by Headquarters, Marine Corps Junior ROTC.

All Cadets are taught extensively the details on how to properly wear the uniform and these guidelines are only highlights and reminders of some of the most common issues which can result in delays in progress, lower grades, lack of promotions, and potentially disciplinary consequences and probation.  All regulations and guidelines apply regardless of location when a Marine Corps JROTC uniform is worn.

Questions regarding the uniform guidelines may be directed to the cadet's Military Instructor, Sgt.Maj. or Commandant

HS Guidelines
  • Back packs must be solid black, solid khaki, solid 'army green' , dessert or woodland camouflage.
  • Cold weather gear (hats, gloves, etc.) must be solid BLACK. Sweaters, hoodies or coats must not be worn over the military uniform.
  • No earrings while in uniform

MS Guidelines
  • Shoes may be solid black or brown (no gym shoes)
  • Polo shirt must be a solid (no stripes, large logos) can be any color
  • Only school issued sweater may be worn indoors over uniform